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Overnight Boarding
5 Star Council Rated

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Each 114 square feet kennel consists of an inside area and an outer covered run.

Each area is measured at 9.5 feet long by 6 feet wide, giving the overall length of the kennels 19 feet long.

Our 3.25 acre facility will allow for your dog to have supervised off lead exercise in our secure fields, multiple times a day. 

Each dog is individually exercised allowing your dog to run, sniff and play safely and stress free.

Our staff are more than just care takers, we are also qualified behaviourists which means we are better suited to understand how to meet the needs of your dog.

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All kennels have underfloor heating and are monitored by staff and CCTV.

We will aim to keep their feeding routine as it would be at home providing the same amount of meals and keeping to your preferred feeding times.


Every dog must be fully vaccinated including kennel cough.  We are fully insured and all staff are canine first aid trained.  

Please note:  We will accept dogs with behavioural issues, including aggression.

To make an enquiry please use the button below.






** 50% surcharge for additional dog from same household per booking

(based on sharing a kennel)**

Statutory Bank Holidays & New Years Eve incur double rate.

*Please note there are drop off/pick up time slots every morning and evening, except for Sundays and Bank Holidays.

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