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It can be very exciting but also very stressful adding a new puppy into your home, especially for first time dog owners.  Early training is very important to create good habits and it is essential the training is done in an outside group class environment.  Training at home or on a 121 basis, off the internet, inside a village hall or community centre is pointless, and in most cases detrimental.  Give your puppy the best start with us at the very best facilities with the very best instructors!

Our puppy training classes are designed to start your relationship the correct way to ensure the dog becomes a sociable and well behaved member of your household and society.  There are two areas we will focus on with regards to your puppy's development.

Socialisation:  As with children there are important milestones in a dog's development such as the early social imprint period.  It is essential that your puppy fits in with your family lifestyle so an introduction as early as possible to all the situations and experiences they will come across as part of your family is imperative.  This must be carried out the right way to avoid any negative associations as your puppy is very susceptible to new experiences becoming traumatic.  We will have ongoing discussions and advice in our sessions as to the best way to socialise your puppy to people, dogs, pushbikes, traffic, joggers, and much, much more...

After each session we will have social interaction and play sessions which are extremely important for your dog to learn important social skills and learn such things as their bite inhibition and confidence.  As our sessions are run on an open basis they will regularly meet new playmates and people, which is highly beneficial to their social development, so they do not get used to just the same dogs every week.  We have a purpose built puppy play area available to make these sessions fun.

Obedience:  A dog which is properly under control, especially when in public, is a joy to own and far less likely to be judged harshly irrespective of breed or size.  Good obedience is therefore essential, of which recall and lead manners are the two most important.  We will work on various elements of your puppy's obedience in our sessions such as handler focus, stable positions, recall, loose lead walking, impulse control, the out, the leave and meets and greets.  Our training environment is second to none and by far the best environment to teach your dog to listen to you with all the natural distractions, as well as those we will introduce as part of our sessions.

During our sessions we will discuss all the elements of puppy ownership such as jumping up, crate training, boundary setting, biting, destructive behaviour, and much more.  Our trainers are also qualified behaviourists so on hand to freely offer advice and any questions you may have.  There are always at least two trainers on site at any time should anyone need some 1-2-1 guidance during a session.  Please always bring high value treats and a toy to every session as puppy training is always reward based.  Please bring a suitable collar and leash as we do not recommend a harness or retractable lead to teach correct leash behaviour.

Each week we will run a different type of session at the same day/time.  So for example, at 09:30 on a Saturday we will run a heelwork session, the following week we will run a recall session and the week after a session on the leave & out.  There are six different sessions in total and these will run on a continually rolling basis.  These sessions can be done in any order, however, for puppies it is advantageous (but not essential) you start with a week 1 session first.  As there are numerous different puppy classes every week, each class in that week will run a different type of session, so you can pick and choose a session depending on what you feel your dog needs more work on to improve.  The classes which are running each type of session will be updated on the timetable on the training classes page in advance.  The six different sessions are;

1.  Stable positions, focus and release.

2.  Stays in stable positions with distractions.

3.  Heel position and loose lead walking.

4.  Recall, the present and this way command.

5.  The Leave, the out and distraction training.

6.  Open session which may include any training from the other sessions or specific training requests.

These classes are suitable for any breed from 8 - 26 weeks.  We also run follow on adolescent classes.

£15 per class or cheaper if bought as part of a class package.  For example, 8 classes for £92.

We have a purpose built 24 x 18 metre training canopy for training during inclement weather.  There is ample on site parking and free tea or coffee available after class.  


Completion certificates available if requested, but you must have completed at least one of each type of session to achieve the award and the trainer must be happy you have achieved the required standard.

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