Field 1
                    Field 2

We have over 2 acres of securely fenced field (divided into two separate fields) which is available for you to free run and exercise your dog. The fields are especially useful for those owners whose dogs do not recall or are aggressive with other dogs (we can always help with any such issues). The entire field has a six-foot high stock fence around and each field has its own gated access. Field One is great if you want to exercise numerous dogs, perhaps as part of a club or group of friends.  It has natural features such as different lengths of grass, bushes and brambles along the bank, which are great for your dog to enjoy investigating.  Field Two is smaller and ideal for little dogs. There is always fresh water available and dog waste disposal bins are provided in each field.  There are toilets and plenty of parking available.

Use of Field One is £10.00 per hour for up to 3 registered dogs.

(Please only book to start session on the hour)

Use of Field Two is £5.00 per 30 minutes for up to 3 registered dogs.

For larger group bookings please contact us for details.

You must be registered on our system to be able to book any of the clubs services/facilities. To do this please click sign up and enter all yours and your dogs details. It is free to register. Please remember to email evidence of your dogs vaccinations to Sean@hampshiredog.club


Once approved you can make bookings using our App or online via your account. You have one month from the point of registering to provide evidence of your dogs vaccinations.