Training Courses

You must be registered to be able to book any of the clubs services/facilities. To do this please click sign up and enter your details and your dogs. It is free to register. Please remember to email evidence of your dogs vaccinations to Once approved you can make bookings online via your account. You have 1 month from the point of registering to provide evidence of your dogs vaccinations. Behavioural services can only be booked by HDC staff.

As well as pay as you go weekly classes we also run courses for those who prefer a set day/time for training.

Please note that our class packages can not be redeemed against courses.

Puppy Training

Learn how to train your dog to focus on the handler, maintain stable positions, walk on a loose lead, recall, deal with distractions and controlled approaches by various rewards, use of hand signals and setting boundaries. Each session will last 30 minutes followed by 15 minutes off lead play which is important for their social development and will also give the owners the chance to discuss any behavioural issues they may be experiencing. Upon completion of the course your puppy will be awarded a certificate

Next Available Course

Sunday 1st November 2020 @ 1pm


Monday 11th January 2021  @ 6pm

Sunday 17th January 2021 @ 3pm

Puppy course is for 6 weeks and starts from puppy's first jab. Places are limited to 8 puppies only.

Cost of course is £100

Basic Obedience

A class for mixed ages (6 months +) working on heel work, stable positions, approaches, pass-bys and distractions in a fun but controlled environment. Each session lasts 45 mins followed by off lead play (optional).

Monday 26th October 2020 @ 6pm

Course is 6 weeks. Places are limited to 8 dogs only. Cost of course is £100

Scent Discrimination

In these courses your dogs will learn how to identify and find a specific scented article on command. They will start by finding articles with a familiar personal scent and progress to being able to distinguish and locate an item with an unfamiliar scent. These courses are suitable for dogs with a good level of obedience and drive.

Level 1 - Starting Saturday 6th March 2021 @ 3pm - £100

Level 2 - Starting Saturday 31st October  2020 @ 3pm - £125

Level 3 - Starting Saturday 16th January 2021 @ 3pm - £150

Each course lasts 6 weeks.  Places are limited to 6 dogs only.

Beginners Agility

Suitable for dogs aged 12 months + with a good level of obedience. Learn how to use each piece of agility equipment safely and correctly. You will be taught basic handling techniques and agility terms whilst learning how to build drive and motivation. Handlers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Next Available Course

Sunday 28th February 2021 @ 3pm

Course is for 6 weeks and costs £100. Places are limited to 4 dogs only.