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Training Course Dates

Please go to service booking section to book your place on any course.

Please note that our class packages can not be redeemed against courses.

Scent Discrimination

On these courses, your dog will learn how to identify and find a specific scented article on command. They will start by finding articles with a familiar personal scent and progress to being able to distinguish and locate an item with an unfamiliar scent. The progression is their ability to find the article in an environment with increasing levels of difficulty, area and distractions.  These courses are only suitable for dogs with a good level of obedience and drive.

Upon completion of the course your dog will be awarded a certificate of their achievement.

Level 1 - Starting Saturday  2022 @ 2.30pm - £150

Level 2 - Starting Saturday  2022 @ 2.30pm - £150

Level 3 - Starting Saturday  2022 @ 2.30pm - £150

Each course lasts six weeks.  Places are limited to only four dogs per course.

Each session lasts one hour.

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