You must be registered to be able to book any of the clubs services/facilities. To do this please click sign up and enter yours and the dog's details. It is free to register. Please remember to email evidence of your dogs vaccinations to Once approved you can make bookings online via your account. You have one month from the date of sign up to provide evidence of your dogs vaccinations. Behavioural services can only be booked by HDC staff by phone.

Every single dog we see is assessed upon the basis of what it requires as an individual and our 1-2-1 sessions are tailored to educate both dog and owner.  We only charge our behavioural assessments at £150 per dog payable at time of booking, which includes a full written report, recommendations and a thirty minute follow up 1-2-1 session.  Depending on the behaviour, the assessment may take place at the Club or at the owners home.  It will last at least an hour as we need to see the behaviour first hand, discuss the entire known history of the dog's life and experiences, as well as seeing your relationship with and handling of your dog.  Based upon the outcome of the assessment and how you wish to proceed we will then recommend and tailor the dogs training to suit the specific issues.  Sometimes this can be as simple as recommending group obedience classes or some further 1-2-1 sessions to modify the specific unwanted behaviour.  Difficult cases sometimes require some kind of daytime residential sessions where the dog is initially left with us, with the owner introduced when necessary.  There are no guarantees that a dogs behaviour modification will succeed in eliminating the behaviour issue, so sometimes it is enough to diminish the behaviour to a point where it is more manageable.  To succeed in modifying any dogs behaviour it requires commitment and persistence from the owner.

Dogs are living breathing creatures that at times can be unpredictable in their behaviour, so it takes years of hands on experience to gather the necessary knowledge for this kind of work.  Becoming a behaviourist is not something that can be learnt at college or university solely out of a book.  Our behaviourists are experienced ex-working dog handlers with years of practical and theoretical knowledge so you know your dog is in the best hands.

Home visits will incur additional travel charges based upon distance time/involved.

Please Note: We can take Veterinary Referrals for behaviour issues you can put through your Pet Insurance. If you have Pet Insurance, your insurer may be willing to pay for any necessary behaviour consultation and in certain circumstances also pay for any subsequent training required.  It is however worth checking with your specific insurer first.   In all circumstances, your vet must make the referral.

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For vet use only


We offer private 1-2-1 training sessions tailored to you and your dogs requirements. 


1-2-1 sessions are ideal for dealing with specific training or behavioural issues such as recall, pulling on the lead or aggression where a group class environment is not practical.  It may be you just prefer a more personal approach to training.  They are also useful for dogs who have not received suitable prior training or socialisation whereby it is advantageous to carry out 1-2-1 training to avoid them feeling overwhelmed in a group class. 


As an owner you may feel 1-2-1 sessions beneficial to building up your own confidence when handling or training your dog.  These sessions can also be useful for discussing numerous matters and concerns for people who have taken on a rescue or are first time dog owners.


There is a choice between a 30 minute session which costs £30 or a 45 minute session which costs £45. 

1-2-1 sessions are payable at the time of booking.