Welcome to The Hampshire Dog Club!



Got a new puppy?

Want your dog to walk nicely on the lead?

Behaviour issues? 

Poor recall?




Located between Southampton & Romsey

near Jctn 3  (M27) we are a first of its kind dog club.


Unlike the majority of dog trainers who train in

village halls, we have a purpose built facility

which is open 7 days a week.  We prefer to run

our sessions outside in a controlled environment

with plenty of distractions.  This is why obedience

training at home or in a hall simply does not work.  


Our purpose built 3 acre site is for dogs to have fun,

do agility, scentwork, tracking, obedience,

learn new tricks and even have a bath!


Courses/classes available include;

Fun Agility

Competition Agility

Agility Foundation

Basic Obedience

Puppy Obedience

Adolescent Obedience

Scent Discrimination


Advanced Obedience


See certificated courses page to enrol on a specific course.



Microchipping £10 per dog LANTRA certified 


Their simply is no other facility locally which offers you the ability to train and have fun with your dog when it suits you.  Agility can be a great way to focus your dog and give them the exercise they need (and you!).  Dogs love agility!  Whether you just want to have fun or go on to compete at Crufts, we have the equipment and obstacles to make this possible.


It can be very frustrating to attempt to obedience train your dog in public spaces.  Our professional 3.25 acre facility allows you to train your dog in a controlled environment.  Our heelwork and obedience area is 35 x 50 metres.  We also have an enclosed recall area for those wishing to safely practice off leash handling.  Why not attend our weekly obedience training classes?

Scentwork & Tracking

The most important sense to a dog is their sense of smell.  It is for this reason they love to track, its an integral part of their DNA.  We have 2 acres upon which to allow your dog to practice and hone their natural ability.  If needs be we can assist in laying out novice to advanced tracks for your dog to enjoy.  We can teach your dogs scent discrimination to get the best from their natural ability to track.


People own dogs for all sorts of reasons, and in todays society protection is one such reason.  Unfortunately most dogs without the correct training would rather run or hide behind their owner than protect.  We can bring out the natural defense instincts in your dog in a controlled way be it for personal protection or because you're a professional dog handler.  An assessment is required as not all handlers or dogs are suitable for this kind of training.  Continuation training is essential.

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