Training Classes

 Beginners Agility Training


This class is perfect for beginners to the sport and anyone looking to brush up on there basic skills.

Our basic agility class is done in a group setting and is fun filled and fast paced which means burning off excess energy in active dogs has never been easier!
                                                        Get involved!

Intermediate Agility Training


This class is intended for those dogs and handlers that can complete a course safely off leash.  An excellent session to improve your handling skills, contacts, positioning and turns.


Great session to brush up those skills!

Puppy Training


We will show you how to train your puppy using motivational methods such as positive reinforcement. Using simple techniques your puppy will learn how to carry out basic obedience such as sit, down and stay as well as how to recall effectively even around distractions. Your puppy will also learn how to walk nicely on a loose lead, carry out well mannered meets, and socialisation methods essential for day to day life such as their visit to the vets or groomers.  We will introduce them to different objects, noises and surfaces they may see in daily life.  As part of each session we can discuss any behavioural concerns you may have.


Puppy training classes are intended to teach your dog basic obedience and healthy social skills.  Dogs undertaking these lessons will need to be under 6 months of age.  You can join any of these lessons at any time as they are not in a set curriculum but tailored to suit the individual attendees requirements.  Most puppy's need to attend 8-10 individual classes.


We also hold Puppy play socialisation sessions directly after every Puppy training class.  Each session lasts about 1 hour 15 minutes including the socialisation period after each lesson.  Our puppy play sessions are all about socialisation, we have a purpose built sand area with tyres and obstacles for your pup to play if you wish.  They can explore and meet other pups, to ensure they learn their all important social skills. 

Adolescent Training


Hormonal adolescents, just as with teenagers can be a handful.  Their obedience seems to suffer, their recall can disappear and they can show signs of anxiety or aggression.  This can be the most unsettling and most difficult stage of your dogs development and they will require constant reinforcement of their obedience throughout this stage.  We run classes to help you and your dog cope through this difficult period including continual socialisation and behavioural advice. 

Obedience Training


Having an obedient dog in todays society is becoming a matter of ever increasing importance.  It is amazing how many dogs drag their owners for a walk, don't come when called and show aggression towards other dogs and even people.  If you attend one of our obedience classes we can help you resolve these issues and more to make your dog a socially acceptable member of society with all the skills to suit.  


Our classes are run weekly and are for any dog over 12 months of age.  Any level of dog or handler is welcome in our basic class, however if your dog suffers from severe aggression issues these may require some initial 1-2-1 training prior to group interaction.  We are happy to discuss and assess any issues prior to attendance.  We are experienced in dealing with aggression in dogs and can modify their behaviour by using their natural drives.  We include distraction training as part of our sessions to deal with things such as approaches, walk bys, joggers, cyclists, etc.  If your dog has a specific issue we are happy to integrate scenarios to deal with these.


Basic obedience - Focus Techniques, recall, sit, down, walking on a loose lead, sit-stay, down-stay, access control, automatic sits.

All Dogs that can complete all excercises in basic obedience can then move into the intermediate class.
Intermediate Obedience - Reinforcing of all basic obedience, Heelwork, Emergency Stop, Pro-longed stay positions, Finish position.
All dogs that can complete all exercises in Intermediate Obedience can then move into the Advanced Class.


Advanced obedience - Distraction recalls/hand signals, distance control, leash pressure, off lead heelwork, prolonged sit-stays out of sight, food refusal, finish positions, tricks, send away, tight turns.


Each session lasts about 1 hour 15 minutes including the socialisation period after each lesson. Please bring along your dog's favourite small soft treats to any training as we use positive reinforcement as part of our training.  Do not feed your dog at least two hours prior to any training.

Unlike most trainers who try and get as many dogs/handlers into a class as possible we believe that dogs in smaller groups get better results.                   All our classes are only £12 per session! (Discounts for members, who can also use all our facilities 7 days a week!)

Important:  Please read below information.

Attendance to any of our training classes is at your own risk.  Dogs can be unpredictable in their behaviour at times and although the risk is minimal, that is the nature of a dog training environment.

To book any of our advertised courses please either ring, email or visit us.

Please arrive to class 10 mins before the start time to settle your dogs.

Please report to reception prior to entering any training area.

Dogs must be a minimum of 12 months old to do agility training.

Do not allow your dog to train if injured in any way.

Bitches in season cannot attend training.

Any faeces deposited by your dog must be picked up immediately, bagged and disposed of in the bins provided.

Do not feed your dog for at least 2 hours before doing any training.

Please bring with you a motivational toy and/or some high value soft treats your dog likes.  Your control equipment should be fit for purpose.

Dogs to be kept on lead at all times unless otherwise instructed.

To undertake agility training your dog should already have basic obedience.

Dogs with known serious aggression issues will not be allowed to undertake group sessions.  If in doubt enquire beforehand.

Socialisation sessions after classes are optional and always at the owners discretion.

Individual 1-2-1 training is available for all classes offered.

Certain memberships qualify for a discount of 50% for some courses.  Must be a club member for the duration of course or full course fee applies.

Additional dog i.e. One Handler with 2 dogs carrys a 50% surcharge for a course.

Spectators are welcome as long as they do not interfere with the training. Children must be supervised by an appropriate adult at all times whilst on site.

All dogs must  have up to date vaccinations to undertake any training.

You are responsible for your dogs behaviour at all times.


Use of any of the club’s services or facilities implies acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Hampshire Dog Club accepts no liability for injury to persons or dogs whilst using the facilities.

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