Secure Free Run Field


We have over 2 acres of securely fence field (divided into two seperate fields) which is available for you to free run and exercise your dog.  The entire field has a six-foot deer proof fence around.  The field can be reserved in advance for sole use if required.  





Every Sunday at Midday is a Communal Session for all non-reactive/aggressive dogs in Field 1. No need to book, just turn up and report to reception first.  £3 per dog.  Free to members.

No admittance after 12:10 pm, so please be punctual.

Please note:  Dogs can be unpredictable in their behaviour at times and although the risk is minimal, that is the nature of a dog training and socialisation environment.  Attendance is at the owners discretion and Hampshire Dog Club cannot accept any liability for injury to persons or dogs whilst using the facilities.





See plan below to see which field is which.  Each has their own gated entrance.  Just report to reception a few minutes before your alloted time.  The fields are especially useful for those owners whose dogs do not recall or are aggressive with other dogs.  Don’t forget we can help you solve any handling issues.  You can just turn up and use during certain open exercise periods providing your dog is friendly towards other dogs, however its worth ringing us or checking using the booking tab to ensure it hasn’t been reserved for private use during your preferred time.


The field is great if you want to exercise numerous dogs, perhaps as part of a club or group of friends.  There is always fresh water available and part of the field has shelter from the large oak trees for those warmer days.  Afterwards you can relax over a cuppa!


Field 1 - One hour slots @ £6 per dog + £3 any additional dog.

(allocated parking bay, foot access only)


To book use tab on right.



Field 2 - 30 minute slots @ £3 per dog + £1.50 any additional dog.

(allocated parking bay, field can be driven into)


To book use tab on right.


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