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As a veterinary surgeon for more than 20 years I was always interested in the well-being of our beloved pets. After years in general small and large animal practice including a 2 year stay at the pdsa Leicester, UK, I became more and more aware that the rehabilitation phase after illness and surgery is often overlooked and underestimated. Hence I started concentrating on this subject as it is so important for a better and faster recovery from an illness and surgery. I try to use mainly complementary medicine but would include conventional medicine and refer back to their usual vet if needed. I qualified as a vet from the Vet School in Hanover, Germany, studied veterinary acupuncture with ABVA in the UK and canine rehabilitation with the University of Tennessee, USA. I am attending regular continuous education courses in equine and small animal subjects and a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, UK, and the VIN network. 

Veterinary Acupuncture


Acupuncture is the placing of needles into specific areas of the body to evoke a healing affect. It can be very effective at relieving pain but also stimulates the immune system so having a beneficial effect on the patient’s health. The animal will often feel better in itself after Acupuncture.

I mainly use the Western Scientific Approach, which is predominantly used in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders and, in particular, chronic pain states in animals. The effect of acupuncture is largely segmental, that is nerves, muscles and acupuncture points are needled in the same spinal segment as the affected or painful area. “Pain gating”, as well as descending pain inhibition are involved. Acupuncture also stimulates the release of pain relieving chemicals in the brain and spinal cord which produce more generalised or extra segmental analgesia (painkilling effect). These effects, combined with local needling of painful trigger points in taut muscle bands, result in exceptional relief of pain.



Veterinary Chiropractic


Dogs with any chiropractic based problems can present with a variety of symptoms, most commonly presenting with pain. The dog will attempt to compensate for the pain by changing its posture and gait (style of walking) and this can show as other secondary problems. There are numerous common stressful or traumatic situations that can affect our dogs such as boisterous play, car accidents, age, and handling methods. These can cause abnormal or restricted movements to occur in the spine. This change in proper movement in the spine, refered to as ‘subluxations’, creates a loss of normal flexibility within the spine. This results in stiffness, which further leads to resistance and decreased performance. These changes can then cause stress in other joints and muscles, and a deterioration pattern ensues.

Once the subluxation pattern has been established and the practitioner is content that chiropractic care is appropriate then the dog will be treated using a series of spinal adjustments. After treatment and depending on the condition, it is normally advised that the dog is rested with only light exercise for a day or two. Advice will then be given on a suitable exercise regime to help compliment the treatment and maintain improvement.



Further Treatments available:


  • Low-Level-Laser-Therapy – great in support of wound healing and muscle pain
  • Therapeutic Ultrasound – improves blood circulation in dense tissues, good for those stressed tendons and muscles
  • Kinesiotaping – Support for muscles and tendons, increase of blood circulation and pain relief. ( might involve clipping of hair in long haired dogs)
  • Electromagnetic Therapy- pain relief and increased blood circulation
  • Neuro-Muscular-Electro-Stimulation (NMES)- to help build up muscle and avoid muscle atrophy after surgery
  • Nutrition & Exercise Programs

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