Have a Go At Agility 

TBC 1pm-4pm

We are Hosting a free Have a Go At Agility Session. If it's something you have thought about having a go at but never got round to it then now's your chance to give it a try.

Trainers will be on hand to give you advice along the way and answer any questions you may have about agility and where to start and how to get involved in this fun activitynot just fun for you but your four legged                                                                                               friend too.

                                                                                         Just pop along and have a go! refreshments will also be available on the day.

What is Agility?


Agility is action–packed, rollercoaster excitement for you and your dog. Comprising various obstacles for your dog (not you!) to run through, jump over, and weave in and out of – and all against the clock! Not only does Agility test your dog’s fitness, it also measures your ability as a handler to direct your dog over the course. 


Reasons why you should do Agility 


• Fight the flab with Fido! Agility is terrific at helping you and your dog shed those excess pounds.

• Meet new friends – there is a great social scene to be enjoyed.

• Your dog does not have to be a pedigree – all dogs can do Agility.

• Show off your dog’s new skills to your friends and family.

• It is one of the fastest growing canine activities in the world.


Agility provides important mental stimulation for your dog!


Everyone is welcome; we have facilities and classes to suit all levels.  


If you wish to train for competition, or simply compete against your friends or the clock then it is essential that your dog is fully socialised and that you have effective control at all times, especially as your dog will be competing off-lead. For the long term health and growth development, it is recommended that dogs do not start training on any jumping equipment until they are at least a year old. 


If you wish to start your young dog on the right path, then take a look at our foundation agility course or join in one of our Beginners Classes (see timetable on classes page).


If you're new to agility then why not pop along and watch one of our classes.  We have a basic training course to get you started having fun with your dog.  Pyrate in the photo is a rehomed Lurcher.


Our classes are all about having fun.


If you have a desire to compete, then see our competition agility page.

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